taj“I am not a man for following the schedule when recording subsequently If I lose the mojo on something I like to jump to another tune at a moment’s notice. I like working quickly, which has its benefits in getting the good early takes, but the Drawback of doing a lot of work only to find out it’s all wrong, none of which Is a problem for Oz, which allows my creative process to thrive. He is also great musician and guitarist in his own right, which for self-producers like me is invaluable. You need someone you trust to let you know that your pitching is dodgy or the timing is off, which inevitably happens as the session rolls on, also being a guitarist he fully understands what I want to achieve and is more than happy to go on a wild goose chase to get that sound I describe properly! He is fast calm Efficient and precise, which also very good for your budget, look no further, Oz is your man.” Taj Wyzgowski – Recording artist and Session Musician (Deacon Blue, T’Pau, Martin Taylor, The Proclaimers)

Haftor Medboe“Having spent a day in the studio recording an unplanned, free improv album with clarinettist Pete Furniss the only truly safe pair of hands in the room belonged to the engineer, Martin Oswald. Recording is always a daunting prospect, but add to that no tunes, arrangements or any form of rehearsal and you have a potentially stressed out situation. Martin provided calm, understanding and expertise and delivered a recording of the highest quality – one that we can’t wait to release in the new year.”  Haftor Medbøe – Jazz Musician

521938_520660014641885_666234033_n“OZ is a great engineer, who I’ve worked with on several projects now. As well as having a great command of the studio, he’s really calm and easy to work with on a session – an absolute must for anybody working in a studio.” Lyle Watt – Recording Artist endorsed by Jaden Rose Guitars


“This was the first time I had worked with OZ and I will definitely be doing it again. His work ethic is second to none and gets a perfect drum sound. He is open to suggestions and really gets the best out of the performer. I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. Highly recommended.”  Jordan Harvey – Session Musician

Torino“We worked with OZ on a couple of projects. One in a large studio and some mobile recording. The quality of the sound we got was up there with the best we have heard from pro studios. We had everything controlled by OZ throughout the process, mic selection, guitar tone all expertly crafted and he guided us through the tracking at a really comfortable pace. OZ is a pro tools king and a beast for getting a clean signal and really has an in depth background knowledge. Backed up by complete patience the whole project wrapped up five fully tracked songs over 2 days. Mixing was quick and deft and final balance and width of sound amazing. We had a great vibe in the studio and OZ gave us a lot of production tips to get the best out of the material. So for recording, mixing and mastering we will be back. This is old school knowledge meeting the digital world at its very best.”  tOrino – Alternative Rock Band

1068_B“OZ is a very professional music producer and engineer. He knows how to work with a band and give input whilst listening to what the musicians have to say and accommodating their needs. We highly recommend him.”  Honeybadgers – Rock Band

12049683_1668091283435802_2798411372706669270_n“We recorded our first demo with Oz Audio. We chose him because we knew he’d been taught by the best and we were not disappointed. Oz was efficient and knowledgeable as an engineer and slick on pro-tools, but more importantly he made the process of recording easy and relaxed. Because he knew exactly what he was doing with the tech’ he was able to focus his attention on the band and created a studio atmosphere that was easy and stress free. The fact that Oz is a musician as well as an engineer meant that he was useful in a producing as well as engineering capacity. It was obvious that he had the measure of our abilities pretty quickly and was patient when patience was needed, picky when he knew we could do better, and consistently encouraging and enthusiastic. The band, 3 Straight Heads, felt hugely positive about the experience and will definitely ask Oz to record out first EP, should the time arrive.” 3 Straight Heads – Jazz Quartet

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