11008633_801222823246380_9094558517310837594_nI first started my career in music as a singer/songwriter playing various styles of music.  My first introduction to sound engineering came at high school running the sound system for school performances, leading to organising gigs and providing live sound.

My keen interest in playing the guitar lead me to enrol at Jewel and Esk college where I studied an HND in popular music.  I then decided to further this education by enrolling on a popular music degree atNapier University.  It was studying at Napier that renewed my interest in sound engineering leading me to focus my studies in this area.1549276_619110528124278_1890109780_n

Upon graduation at Napier I intend on furthering my knowledge and experience by enrolling on the masters course in sound engineering.  Along with my studies and my experience as a musician I have gained a wide variety of skills, which go hand in hand with being a good sound engineer.

Currently looking for as many recording projects as I can get to add to my folio, so if you need a demo, single, EP, album, or live recording get in touch through contact page.